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Modest Mitkus
March 16, 2024

16 Life Lessons (I Wish Someone Had Told Me)

In January 2021, I was making $400 per month.

Three years later, I crossed my first $100k per month goal. I know that there are many people reading this with the same flame in their eye as I had a few years ago. I know how hard it is to get these curated lessons and how life-changing they can actually be.

Today, I would like to share with you my personal 16 life lessons that I wish someone had told me.

Let's dive in.

1. Work smart, not hard.

Working harder doesn't guarantee a 100% chance of achieving better results. Find smarter ways to improve your outcomes. By focusing on efficiency and effectiveness, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and with less effort. It's about finding the right balance between hard work and strategic thinking.

2. Learn and execute at the same time.

Learning and doing can go hand in hand. Don't feel like you have to have all the knowledge before jumping in. Just start taking action and you'll pick up new skills as you go. It's all about getting started and figuring it out as you move forward.

3. Take more risks.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Embracing uncertainty can lead to unexpected paths of success and personal growth. Just remember to trust in yourself and take the leap.

4. Learn from mistakes.

Embrace the process of making mistakes and growing from them. Each mistake is an opportunity for growth and improvement. Recognize that mistakes are a natural part of the learning journey.

5. Money is not the main goal.

Money alone won't bring you true fulfillment. Look beyond financial gain and uncover deeper motivations and passions for a more rewarding journey. By pursuing purpose and meaning, you'll unlock new opportunities and reach higher levels of success.

6. You know nothing.

Don't try to be the smartest person in the room and don't think you know everything. This can prevent you from learning and growing.Embrace the idea of lifelong learning and allow yourself to be open to new perspectives and ideas. Remember, there is always room for improvement and endless possibilities for growth.

7. Delegate and automate wisely.

You can do anything, but not everything; therefore, prioritize and delegate tasks to optimize your productivity.When it's time to scale your operations, consider delegating or automating tasks that you prefer not to handle manually.

8. Adopt a growth mindset.

Adopting a growth mindset is essential for personal development and success. It is important to always keep learning, searching for ways to improve, being a good listener, and avoiding getting stuck in a fixed mindset.

9. Be mindful of burnout.

Be cautious of burnout and keep it in mind. It's important to recognize that your peak productivity today might not be the same tomorrow. Always be aware of the possibility of burnout and take appropriate action.

10. Learn to reset.

When it's time to work, work. When it's time to rest, rest. Even if you feel like you can work forever, make a conscious effort to find ways to reset and recharge. By doing so, you will effectively prevent burnout and sustain your productivity in the long run.

11. There's always a price.

Nothing comes without a price. All the luck you see online most of the time has a price. A big audience requires a lot of time to create content. Having a lot of money comes with the price of a lot of stress and work, etc.

12. Diversify income streams.

Don't rely on one income stream. Try to find ways how you can separate your income streams to achieve more stable financial freedom.

13. Keep an eye on trends.

Keep an eye on trends because there's always something new coming. Keeping an eye on that can assist you in writing content, discovering the best business ideas, and staying ahead of the curve.

14. Create your personal brand.

Even if you have your own business, always have a brand for yourself. Create your personal brand and use it to leverage the scaling of your other businesses.

15. Seek feedback.

Seek feedback to gain different perspectives that you may overlook. Learn to see things that you can't see yourself, ask others for feedback, and use that information to improve and grow.

16. Perfection is a curse.

You will never make something perfect, so stop trying. Identify what is good enough and stop working on it when you reach that point.

Final words.

Life is a journey of never-ending lessons. There is no end destination. My advice to you: keep learning and keep growing. Never stop searching for ways to improve yourself or your business. That's how you will truly succeed, no matter what.

That's all for now. I hope my personal lessons were helpful to you.