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From selling physical products to digital products. From selling time to providing value. The path that led me here due to my constant need for improvement.

Hey, I’m Modest Mitkus

A few years ago, I reached a major milestone in my career. I was running my own UI/UX studio, winning awards, and even competing with really big agencies and winning big clients.

Some would have said that I was living the dream, building a solid portfolio, earning six figures, and running my own business. What they didn't see were the little moments throughout my day that led me to complete burnout.

  • 2-4 daily calls that I hated (sorry ex-clients)
  • No work freedom, always following others' direction
  • Knowledge used for others' profit, with little pay or recognition

What hit me the most - there was no way for me to earn more than what I was currently earning if I continued working on my own. I started seeing limits and I didn't like it. To this day, I clearly remember feeling so desperate about the direction my life had taken that I didn't care anymore. I had money, I had a future, but there was no happiness in that. At the top of my career, I dropped everything. See, I saw only 2 options:

  1. I could suck it up and continue working for others, as everyone does.
  2. I could use my savings and f**k everything and try for the following year.

So I finished all my client projects.

Turned off my Calendly link.

And dedicated fully to creating and selling digital products. At the time, I had zero followers and zero traffic. To this day, I can clearly remember the moment when I realized that I will never go back to selling my time to anyone again. It was a beautiful spring day,  I was spending time walking my dog with my girlfriend.

My phone buzzed as I received a notification.

"You made a sale!"

Only a day or 2 had passed since I had listed a Notion template for sale, and they weren't as popular back then as they are now.

But at that moment, it only took me a few seconds to realize that if I could sell it once, there was no reason why I couldn't sell it again and again.

So when I went back home and doubled down on Pathpages.

There were days when I felt lost and days when I doubted myself, BUT...

there was never a day when I wanted to go back to working for someone else, even when I was spending more than I was earning.

At the end of May 2023, just like I do on every last day of the month, I calculated my earnings. Currently, I have two income streams spread across multiple platforms. The number that appeared was $28,074.00, and the feeling was more than great.

Why I'm telling you this?

What I did in the past 2 years is possible for everyone. There is a chance that you could achieve the same even faster. And if you feel the same way I did - stuck in a life of calls, meetings, and other duties for others - take this as a sign.