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6 Mindset Lessons That Changed My Life

Modest Mitkus
June 28, 2023

Life is like a never ending rollercoaster.

Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not.

One moment, you think you have everything figured out, and the next moment, you start to question your previous decisions.

It's okay not to know everything.

Time is the ultimate teacher, and sometimes it takes time to learn.

Today, I want to take a more personal approach and share with you the harsh truths I know now at 27 that I wish I knew at 17.

Let's dive in.

Lesson 1: There are no mistakes in life just lessons.

Once you grasp this, you'll jumpstart your learning process 2x faster.

People trap themselves in a "perfection bubble," avoiding mistakes because society tends to view them negatively or they simply are afraid of failure.

Lesson 2: You don't need to work hard if you want to be rich.

The number of hours you work or how hard you work is not indicative of the value you provide or the results you get.

It's all about making fast and smart decisions (based on your knowledge).

Lesson 3: You don't need to learn anything to start.

You will be 100% faster if you do stuff and learn on the way. Instead of buying 10 books about it and watching 20 hours of the video course.

Lesson 4: High risks, high rewards.

While you playing safe, some people take advantage of life- they change their carriers, start businesses and switch countries they live in simply because they take a risk.

Lesson 5: Happiness is not related to money or success.

Not all successful people are happy and vice versa.

Happiness lies within your decisions to be happy.

It’s a skill that you need to work on.

Lesson 6: You know nothing.

Don’t base decisions on your own experience.

The world is too big and fast, and your knowledge becomes outdated the moment you close your laptop.

Always stay curious.

Final words.

In conclusion, life is a journey of constant learning. There are no shortcuts to knowledge and wisdom. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep growing.

That's all for now. I hope you my personal lesson's helpful.