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How to Get Traffic and Sales

Modest Mitkus
January 31, 2024

Getting visitors to your website seems like an impossible task.

How can they buy from me if they don't see my offer? Most of the people just admit that they need to have money and put it into ads. This seems like the only reasonable solution. Some even try, just to find out that they lost their money faster than in a casino. What if I told you that there is another way?

A way where you can generate millions of traffic which converts into your followers, email list, and sales.

Today, I would like to give you 5 ways how you can also start generating traffic and making sales with $0.

Let's dive in.

1. Create short videos.

Film short video content and grab viewers' attention as quickly as possible. Then deliver value and occasionally call them to action.

Channels you can leverage (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts).

2. Create long-form videos.

Film lengthy educational content on topics that people are searching for. This type of evergreen search content will generate traffic for years after you create it.

Channels you can leverage (Youtube).

3. Create posts.

By simply sharing your knowledge and process, you can build a solid following. This following boosts your reach; what's left for you is to direct that reach. You can use plugs in the comments or direct links in the posts.

Channels you can leverage (Twitter, LinkedIn).

4. Create blog posts.

Create long articles on topics that people are searching for. Leverage the power of search engines and attract customers directly from Google itself.

Channels you can leverage (SEO).

5. Leverage communities.

Groups are nice because they're always niche-specific. It means that if you have a group in your niche, all the people inside are potential buyers. So create groups or join existing ones.

Channels you can leverage (Facebook groups, Discord)

Final words.

Let's imagine you actually took this as a sign and started giving value away for free with:

  • Short videos (IG, TikTok, YouTube Shorts)
  • Long videos (YouTube)
  • Posts (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Blog posts (SEO)
  • Communities (Facebook, Discord)

One year later, you have followers, a bunch of evergreen content, and constant traffic that leads to your offer. You're now earning money by helping others; you have leveraged the power of the internet, and this whole thing cost you literally $0.