80 Digital Product Ideas You Can Sell in 2023

Modest Mitkus
March 21, 2023

You don't need to be an expert to create digital product. Sometimes you just need to be good enough and know a thing or two, and that's often more than enough. Many people overthink the process of digital product creation. The main thing you need to focus on is solving problems. It doesn't matter even if you're helping someone who is 1 step behind you. Bellow you will find 80 digital product ideas you can sell in 2023.

1. Notion templates

Design and sell customizable notion templates for various purposes, such as project management, task tracking, or content planning.

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Sell Notion templates

2. Super Notion themes

Use notion to create customizable templates for different purposes such as productivity, project management, personal finance, and more.

sell Super Notion themes

3. Set of icons

Create a set of icons on different subjects and themes that can be used by designers and content creators.Provide detailed learning on various subjects, from business to cooking and more.

Sell set of icons

4. Webflow website template

Use webflow to create customizable website templates that cater to specific niches or industries.

sell Webflow website template

5. Package of design elements

Create a package of design elements that can be used for different purposes such as icons, illustrations, patterns, textures, and more.

6. Membership website

Create a membership website that offers exclusive content, resources, and perks to subscribers.

7. Social media posts examples

Create a library of social media post examples for different purposes such as product launches, promotions, announcements, and more.

8. Social media templates

Create customizable social media templates for different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

9. Branding packages

Create branding packages that include a logo, color palette, typography, and other design elements that align with a specific brand's vision and mission.

10. No-code web app

Use no-code tools such as bubble or Webflow to create a web application that solves a specific problem or serves a particular audience.

11. Website design template

Create customizable website design templates for different purposes such as blogs, portfolios, e-commerce sites, landing pages, and more.

12. Copywriting examples

Create and sell customizable copywriting examples for various types of marketing materials, such as email campaigns, landing

13. Document template

Create and sell customizable document templates for various types of business needs, such as contracts, proposals, or invoices.

14. Ghost themes

Design and develop custom Ghost themes for bloggers and publishers.

15. Wallpapers

Create and sell high-quality wallpapers for desktop or mobile devices, such as nature scenes, abstract patterns, or inspiring quotes.

16. Checklist

Create and sell customizable checklists for various types of projects, such as event planning, travel planning, or content creation.

17. Productized services

Offer digital services such as website design, copywriting, or social media management to clients.

18. Code

Create and sell customizable code snippets for various programming languages, such as html, css, or javascript.

19. Paid newsletter

Offer a paid subscription to your newsletter, where you share valuable insights and tips on a specific topic, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, or personal development.

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20. Set of illustrations

Create and sell a set of illustrations for various types of projects, such as book covers, social media graphics, or website design.

21. Browser plugins

Develop and sell browser plugins that help users improve their productivity, such as a plugin that blocks distracting websites or a plugin that helps users save articles for later.

22. Mockups

Create and sell customizable mockups for various types of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases.

23. Short online course

Create a short online course on a specific topic, such as how to use social media for business or how to create a winning resume.

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24. Photo presets

Create and sell customizable photo presets for photo editing software such as lightroom or photoshop.

25. Nfts

Create unique and valuable digital assets, such as art pieces, music, or videos, and sell them as nfts on blockchain platforms such as opensea or nifty gateway.

26. Planner

Create and sell a planner or journal with customizable pages for various purposes, such as meal planning, habit tracking, or goal setting.

27. Canva templates

Design and sell customizable canva templates for various types of social media graphics, such as instagram posts, pinterest pins, or facebook ads.

28. List

Create and sell a comprehensive list of resources, such as a list of top marketing tools, websites for learning coding, or the best e-commerce platforms for small businesses.

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29. Email course

Create an email course on a topic you are knowledgeable about and offer it to your audience for a fee. For instance, you can create an email course on how to build a profitable online business, how to create engaging social media content, or how to write a best-selling novel.

30. Website plugins

Create and sell plugins for various website platforms, such as wordpress or joomla, to add additional features and functionality.

31. Website themes

Create and sell pre-designed website templates for various platforms, such as wordpress or shopify.

32. Desktop software

Create and sell software applications for desktop computers.

33. Mobile apps

Create and sell mobile applications for ios and android devices.

34. Video games

Create and sell video games for desktop or mobile devices.

35. 3D models

Sell 3d models of various objects and characters that can be used for animations and games.

36. Stock footage

Sell licensed video footage that can be used for commercial or personal projects.

37. After effects templates

Sell customizable video templates for adobe after effects software.

38. Motion graphics

Sell pre-made motion graphics for use in video projects.

39. Video editing templates

Create and sell pre-made templates for video editing.

40. Virtual backgrounds

Offer custom virtual backgrounds for video conferencing.

41. Data visualization templates

Create and sell pre-made templates for data visualization.

42. Infographics

Design and sell pre-made infographics for businesses to use in their marketing.

43. Powerpoint templates

Offer pre-made templates for microsoft powerpoint.

44. Keynote templates

Create and sell pre-made templates for keynote.

45. Google slides templates

Offer pre-made templates for google slides.

46. Email templates

Create and sell pre-made email templates for businesses to use in their email marketing campaigns.

47. Landing page templates

Design and sell pre-made landing page templates for businesses.

48. Sales funnels

Create and sell pre-made sales funnels to help businesses improve their sales.

49. Marketing templates

Offer pre-made marketing templates for businesses to use.

50. Graphic design elements

Create and sell various design elements such as backgrounds, textures, and graphics.

51. Lightroom presets

Sell pre-made lightroom presets for photo editing.

52. Photoshop actions

Offer pre-made photoshop actions to help designers save time on repetitive tasks.

53. Shopify themes

Design and sell themes for e-commerce stores on shopify.

54. Wordpress plugins

Develop and sell plugins to improve functionality on wordpress websites.

55. Logo templates

Offer pre-made logo templates for businesses to use.

56 Icons

Create and sell custom icons for websites and mobile apps.

57. Fonts

Design and sell custom fonts for designers and businesses.

58. Desktop backgrounds

Create and sell high-quality desktop backgrounds for people to use.

59. Digital art prints

Sell digital art prints for people to download and print.

60. Stock illustrations

Offer a variety of digital illustrations for use in design projects.

61. Stock audio

Sell audio files for use in podcasts, videos, and other projects.

62. Stock videos

Offer a collection of videos that people can use for their projects.

63. Language learning materials

Create digital language learning materials for people to practice their language skills.

64. Stock photos

Sell high-quality photos for people to use in their projects.

65. Travel guides

Offer comprehensive travel guides to help people plan their next trip.

66. Recipe books

Publish digital recipe books for foodies and home cooks.

67. Digital services

Offer digital services such as virtual assistant, social media management, or graphic design.

68. Membership sites and communities

Build a community around your brand and offer exclusive content to members.

69. Templates

Create templates for resumes, presentations, or social media posts to help people save time and effort.

70. Craft patterns

Offer downloadable patterns for crafts such as knitting, sewing, and crocheting.

71. Digital music and artwork

Sell digital music and artwork for people to download and enjoy.

72. Podcasts

Create audio content on specific topics to educate and entertain your audience.

73. Workbooks

Offer workbooks to help people learn and practice new skills.

74. Webinars

Host live or recorded webinars to educate your audience on a specific topic.

75. Planners

Create digital planners to help people stay organized and productive.

76. Printables

Offer printable designs such as art prints, greeting cards, and posters.

77. Worksheets

Provide printable worksheets to help people learn and practice new skills.

78. Audiobooks

Create audio versions of books for listeners to enjoy.

79. E-books

Publish digital books on any subject, from fiction to self-help.

80. Online courses

Offer in-depth education on specific topics, ranging from business to cooking and beyond.

Which digital product idea will you try? Do you have any other ideas to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!